Season Three - The Trailer

Oz? You want to hear more about Oz? You should pay more attention to what’s beneath your feet than above the sky. For somewhere under the rainbow lies the kingdom of the Nomes…

Coming soon to Crossover Adventure Productions – ‘Ozma of Oz’

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What the listeners say

This is really well done! I'm really looking forward to more of this!

This is everything 'Emerald City' should've been.

I am a hardcore Oz fan, I'm 20 and, I swear to God, my room is decorated in Oz. So I'm very particular in which Oz adaptations I like and this is very well made. Just like 'Alice in Wonderland', I like an adaptation to be dark and intense, a complete contrast from the other versions we've seen before. I'm enjoying it very much and you must feel so blessed to have such a Wonderful cast. (see what I did there?)

Absolutely Amazing!

WOW! I love this - it's like a 're-imagining' in that it explores how events in the books would go down if they really happened, but not in a way that takes the actual 'imagination' out of it!