The Chronicles of Oz

A modern audio drama adaptation of 'The Wizard of Oz'

The Chronicles of Oz

A modern audio drama adaptation of 'The Wizard of Oz'

The Chronicles of Oz

A modern audio drama adaptation of 'The Wizard of Oz'

Season One - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

‘Sometimes your world can change in a minute’

Dorothy Gale thought her life was stable. Living on a farm with her aunt and uncle, playing with her dog, avoiding that boy she likes and generally getting on with life. But when a tornado whisks her and her house away to the land of Oz, where witches and wizards reign and magic abounds. And she soon learns nothing will ever be the same again.

For one thing, her falling house has killed the Witch of the East, initiating a civil war in Munchkinland. And her only way home is to travel through Oz on a Yellow Brick Road to ask the Great and Terrible Wizard for help. She has to pass fierce beasts, deadly flowers, revolutionaries and a vengeful Wicked Witch. Her odds of making it to the renowned City of Emeralds are limited at best.

Luckily, there’s three special friends there to help her, who have their own reasons for seeing the Wonderful Wizard of Oz…



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Released 19 February 2017
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Released 05 March 2017
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Released 19 March 2017
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Released 25 June 2017
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Released 20 August 2017
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Released 27 August 2017
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Dorothy         Kara Dennison
The Scarecrow       Aron Toman
The Tin Woodman                   Scobie Parker
The Lion                                      Tom Denham
Aunt Em                                       KC Pollak
Uncle Henry                               Scott R Pollak
Boq/Winged Monkey             Jackson Cowan
Locasta                                        Jennifer Alyx
Glinda                                           Wendy Robinson
Faramant                                    Brett Underwood
Jellia Jamb                                Michelle Drinnan
Omby Amby                               David Nagel
Ugu                                               Benjamin Maio Mackay
The Wizard of Oz                      Rob Lloyd
Queen of the Field Mice        Katie Karandais
Munchkin Guard/Storkguard/Tiger Mitch Achten
Reporter                                       Tegan Harris

Other roles played by members of the cast.


Written and Directed by Aron Toman, based on the book by L Frank Baum.
Australian sound recording by Daniel Burnett
Post-production by David Nagel and Aron Toman
Music by Tony Diana
Cover Artwork by Aron Toman