‘Wizard’ Season Finale – ONLINE NOW

We could have waited until next weekend to release the next episode. But then we decided you’ve all been waiting long enough to find out how this story ends. So we present for you now, the bumper-length season 1 finale for The Chronicles of Oz. Download it here.

Kara Dennison is back one last time (at least for season 1) as Dorothy Gale. She’s fought off a wizard and two wicked witches, Kalidahs, a deadly poppy field, wolves, ravens and Emerald City guards all in her attempts to get back to Kansas. Has she exhausted all her options? Or will a journey south to see Glinda be her last chance to see Aunt Em and Uncle Henry?

Kara’s joined by Aron Toman, Scobie Parker and Tom Denham, with David Nagel, Michelle Drinnan, Brett Underwood, Jackson Cowan, Mitch Achten, Scott R Pollak, KC Pollak, and Wendy Robinson as Glinda. Sound recording by Daniel Burnett, sound design by David Nagel and Aron Toman, and the amazing music is by Tony Diana.

If you haven’t heard the first five episodes, then what’s been keeping you? Get the story so far, then join us for the thrilling conclusion to the tale of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!