X.1 – One Jump Ahead

"Oh cruk – they vaporised the TARDIS!"

Frobisher is finding he's getting very used to travelling in the TARDIS again.  After all, travelling through time and space isn't all that difficult.  For example, some good rules are to make use of any ventilation shafts, polarities of neutron flows are always easily reversed, and above all, if you land on a Dalek infested planet and they happen to exterminate the TARDIS, the best plan of action is to run.

After all, how else can you remain one jump ahead?

Starring Aron Toman as the Doctor and Corey Klemow as Frobisher – as well as the Daleks – this short little story based on the song One Jump Ahead from Disney's Aladdin, takes place between the crossovers Faithful Unto Death and A Cause For Carolling.